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1.      What is virtual therapy/counselling?

Online counseling, commonly referred to as e-counseling or teletherapy, is a virtual method of mental health care that enables people to access qualified counseling services online. It provides a practical and easy option to receive therapy in the privacy of your own home.


2.      How does online therapy/counselling sessions work?

 Online counseling entails speaking with a professional therapist or counselor via safe video conferences, phone conversations, chat sessions, or messaging apps. Virtual connections are made between clients and therapists to discuss issues, problems, and work on personal development.


3.      Is online counseling just as successful as conventional one-on-one therapy?

According to research, for many people, internet counseling can be just as helpful as in-person counseling. However, depending on individual tastes and the specifics of the problem being solved, the effectiveness may change. It can sometimes boost output.


4.      How do I pick a counselor who is the best fit for me?

When choosing a counselor, take into account their training, areas of expertise, therapeutic style, and whether you click with them.  A real counsellor will never let you down on problems; it always will have solution with your own point of view. The person who is not based on perceptions and having a creative approach can help you better.


5.      Are my communications and information secure?

Yes, trustworthy online counseling platforms place a high priority on protecting your information's security and privacy. Look for services that adhere and use encrypted communication techniques.


6.      For what kinds of problems might I get counseling?

Anxiety, sadness, stress, marital difficulties, grief, low self-esteem, some of disorders, fobia and other mental health and life concerns are just a few of the topics that can be addressed with online counseling. With the counselor of your choice, you can go over your individual worries until your you don't have biological/physical impact.


7.      How can I take an appointment?

You can msg us on
Contact Us Page directly or through our Social Media Handles. You can Text/Whatsapp at - +91 97824-55282


8.      Which technological tools will I need for online counseling?

A device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) with a dependable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone are required for the majority of online counseling platforms. Make sure the gadget you choose complies with the platform's technical specifications.


9.      Is counseling available in the language of my choice?

No !! You must be familiar with Hindi or English.


10. How much does counseling cost?

We charge 2000/- for the first session, which is less than the market rate based on our competence, depending on your issue. For subsequent sessions, the fee may change.


11. Are there any session fees that are not refundable?

Yes, the session fees are non-refundable, but you may modify your appointment time if the counselor is still available.


12. Can you get counseling online in an emergency?

Online therapy is not appropriate for urgent or crisis situations. Please call the nearest emergency room or a local mental health crisis line if you require immediate treatment or are in crisis.


13. Are your online counseling sessions private?

An essential component of counseling is confidentiality. Reputable online therapy platforms guarantee that your sessions will be kept private and ethically compliant.

14. Do you talk about the sex problems?

Yes!! We talk about that.


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